Monday, October 3, 2011

A New Beginging...

I been slacking on this for awhile but i am back and i will try to blog once a week or even twice if possible.
My life is a little hectic working 2 jobs,family and a new place is all in place.
My dad moved to Houston TX for his job which was a big change for our family. My mom and brother stayed down here soon my mom will be up there the beginning of the yr.
Tommy and me have been furniture shopping for the past couple of weekends to get ready to move into you new place come the 1st of Nov (pics will be up of that). Its so excited to finally get into a place you can call you own and decorate from scratch. We been together for 11 years lived together for 6 and engaged for 3 so i think its about time for all this. A lil bit overwhelming but i am enjoying every moment of it.
I keep busy with working about 60 hours a week or so.So life right know is good for me.